VS1/4/6 Vertical Suspended Types VTU VSU VCU

Model: VPU­-OH3

Type: Vertical Inline, Radially Split
Max. Capacity: M3/Hr 22,500
  USGPM 100,000
Max. Head: M 750
  Ft. 2,500
Max. Temp: °C 210
  °F 400
Std. Pressure: Barg 50
  PSIG 750
Opt. Pressure: Barg 100
  PSIG 1,500
Discharge Sizes: MM 150 to 1350
  Inches 6 to 54
Max. Speed: RPM 3,600


United Type VS1 & VS6 pumps are specified whenever limited Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) is available, due to system constraints or liquids operating near their vapor pressure. Typical applications include LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) boosting, tank farm & pipeline boosting, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), cryogenic gas plant and other cold services, general refining. Fully compliant with API 610, 11 th Edition.

Standard Features:

  • First stage impeller low net positive suction head required (NPSHR) allows use of a shorter pump.
  • Bespoke designs tailored to project requirements.
  • 300# flange ratings, side suction, side discharge in­line design.
  • Available in all API 610, Table H­-1 materials.
  • Column bearings mounted in a reversible bearing spider that may be flipped to run a new bearing on a different shaft surface.
  • Discharge heads cast or fabricated for various nozzle, thrust bearing and seal configurations.
  • Rigid adjustable spacer coupling, simple mechanical seal maintenance and rotor lift adjustment.
  • Type VS1 for sump or tank and VS6 with suction can to make its own NPSHa for high vapor pressure fluids.
  • Duplex angular contact 7300 series thrust bearings.
  • Grease or pure mist lubrication.
  • Labyrinth bearing housing isolators.

Optional Features:

  • Optional separate mounting plate to allow for through bolting on main flange when required by specification or higher loading for spiral wound gasket compression.
  • Specially designed suction cans are available with dished, semi­ spherical can bottom, external can drains, below ground suction and many more options.